EZ Junk & Hauling LLC

Clean Out Service

EZ Junk & Hauling LLC offers professional commercial junk removal services. Our experienced team efficiently removes unwanted items and clutter from apartments, construction sites, foreclosed properties, and storage units. Contact us for reliable and efficient commercial junk removal in Hillsboro, Beaverton, Wilsonville, Salem, and surrounding areas in Oregon.

Apartment Clean Outs

When tenants move out, apartments can accumulate unwanted items and debris. Our team efficiently clears out and cleans up the space, ensuring that it is ready for the next tenant.

Construction Clean Outs

Construction sites often generate a significant amount of debris and leftover materials. Our team handles the removal of construction waste, including scrap materials, packaging, and other debris, helping you maintain a safe and clean worksite.

Foreclosure Clean Outs

Foreclosed properties may require extensive cleanout services. Our experienced team removes any remaining belongings, debris, or damaged items, restoring the property to a clean and marketable condition.

Storage Clean Outs

Storage units can become cluttered over time as items accumulate. Our team efficiently clears out unwanted items from storage units, allowing you to reclaim valuable space and maintain an organized storage facility.

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Contact EZ Junk & Hauling LLC today to schedule your commercial junk removal appointment. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you, providing professional and efficient services. Maintain a clean and clutter-free commercial space with our reliable solutions.

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